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Gold and Mineral Panning sample - Pay Dirt - Golden Spear Mine

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Gold and mineral panning sample sourced from the famous Palmer River in North Queensland Australia.

This product is designed for new and experienced gold pan users.

Guaranteed gold 0.5g + in a 300g bag

This bag has two main commodities, Gold (Au) and Tin (Sn). It is comprised of mineral sand from the sluice boxes on the mine, with a guaranteed bankable return, each bag is its own unique investment. The black sand in our paydirt is 90% tin, and it's not quite as easy to pan as the more common black sand (magnetite). Just take your time and pan a quarter to a half of the bag at a time. You may have to pan it a few times to be sure you have it all. Clean and collect the tin if you wish because it has a mineral value per kilogram of over $30:00. This mineral panning sample is for recreational purposes and to experience the thrill of prospecting for gold and minerals.

100% Real North Queensland Gold! Our gold is 96% pure!