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Fossicking, Prospecting Licences and Miner's Rights

QLD A fossicking licence is required in Queensland. Make sure you follow the fossicking rules and observe the basic principles of safe fossicking. Purchase your fossicking licence online here.

Source: www.qld.gov.au

NSW  No licence is required for recreational fossicking in New South Wales unless you are planning on fossicking in State forests, a permit can be obtained online here

Source: www.service.nsw.gov.au

VIC A Miner’s Right for recreational prospecting and fossicking is required in Victoria. More information and online purchase here.  

Source: http://earthresources.vic.gov.au

SA  Fossicking permits are not required in South Australia. However, authorisation to enter onto a property must be obtained from the landowner prior to entry to fossick on the land.
Fossicking and prospecting are not permitted within National Parks, Conservation Parks and Forest Reserves.  More information here.

Source: http://minerals.statedevelopment.sa.gov.au


WA  There is a difference between prospecting and fossicking in Western Australia
The terms ‘prospecting’ and ‘fossicking’ are used interchangeably when searching for minerals, however, the term ‘fossicking’ has a specific definition in the Mining Act, 1978. ‘Fossicking’ refers to the collection of mineral samples or specimens, other than gold or diamonds, for the purpose of a mineral collection, lapidary work or hobby interest. The term ‘prospecting’ ‘includes the search for all minerals including the use of metal detectors.
Both ‘prospecting’ and ‘fossicking’ require a Miner’s Right.
More detailed information here 

Source: http://www.dmp.wa.gov.au


TAS  A prospecting licence in Tasmania allows the holder to conduct fossicking activities for rock and mineral specimens outside of the declared fossicking areas. These areas and activities are subject to the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 . A prospecting licence is valid for a period of up to 5 years from date of issue. Application form here. More information here.

Source: http://www.mrt.tas.gov.au


NT No permit is needed to fossick in the Northern Territory. However you may need to notify some landowners / occupiers of your intention to fossick on their land. More rules and  information here.

Source: https://fossicking.nt.gov.au/